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About Me

Being a therapist is not just a career for me. My practice as a therapist represents the culmination of the personal growth I have experienced throughout my adult life. My interest in counseling arose organically and as a result of my own life experiences.

As a child I was raised in an emotionally and physically abusive family system so as a result I spent many years of my adult life running from my suffering and struggles. Over time I realized that running from—rather than confronting—my suffering was impairing my happiness in life to the point where I could no longer ignore my suffering.  

My very first therapy experience was when I was in college. I was extremely nervous about my dad’s disapproval and was struggling to get good grades. Eventually, I started experiencing depression and realized I needed help. I made an appointment to see a therapist.  I still remember the experience like it was yesterday. The therapist looked into my eyes and said, “You are enough just the way you are.” He empowered me that day. Something within me awoke.

My life took a turn for the better once I became aware that many of the beliefs and assumptions I took as given were not entirely true. I came to realize that beliefs are formed and influenced by childhood experiences, society, school, parents, friends and the media. Once I understood this, I learned to question my thoughts. I began to gain more clarity on what is real and what is not.  This realization grounded me and gave me the freedom to make impactful and beneficial choices in my life. 

I am a native of Tokyo, but the United States has been my home for the majority of my adult life. I have found my multicultural background to be a profound asset as it enables me to understand and relate to the cultural differences of my clients as well as help support them in overcoming many types of struggles that immigrants face today.



EMDR International Associate


EMDR Certified


EMDR Institute, Inc.

EMDR Basic Training Completed


Harborview Abuse &

Trauma Center

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Plus -- Certified


Behavioral Tech, A Linehan Institute Training Company

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy -- Foundation Training Completed

2012 - 2020

Institute for The Work of

Byron Katie

Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie (IBSR)



Saybrook University,

Leadership Institute of Seattle

Masters in Psychology, Specialization in Counseling


California State University,

Los Angeles

Bachelor of Arts, Social Work

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