*Currently Offering Video Sessions*

Tamami Fujiwara, LMHCA

Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor - Associate (LHMCA - MC60930530)


Tamami Fujiwara, LMHCA


My name is Tamami Fujiwara. I have a private counseling practice in Kirkland, WA. I am also currently offering video sessions.

I am so excited that you are interested in finding out more about therapy! Undertaking therapy is a way to show kindness to yourself, a way to identify beliefs that may no longer serve you.  I have seen firsthand what a difference therapy can make in my own life and in the lives of my clients.


Consider self-talk, for example. What we tell ourselves day in and day out has a direct effect on how we experience our lives. We take our assumptions for the truth. Our thoughts affect the way we feel and the way we behave. Understanding this is an important starting point for therapy.

In my practice, I create a safe, non-judgmental space for my clients to identify and question the thoughts that no longer serve them.

Are you facing some new challenges in your life? Or heading in a new direction and looking for extra support? Whatever brings you here, I’d be honored to work with you to help find your way to achieve your goals.

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What changes do you desire in your life or relationships?  

Sometimes I’ll hear a client say, "I know I come from a good home and I have everything." or "I know my problems are not important compared to someone who lost a job or a has had horrible past." 


The truth is, it doesn't matter how your concerns compare to what others have gone through. The question is...,


Are you satisfied with your life right now?


When you wake up in the morning, do you look forward to what the day will bring?


If your answer is "No", then maybe there is something blocking you from feeling alive and confident.


Let’s figure this out together.


Does your child refuse to engage with you? Refuse to talk about what’s bothering them? Deny that there is any trouble at all?

As a loving parent you want to support your child but when communication between you breaks down, it’s time to ask for help.

Perhaps Your Teen:

  • Is struggling to keep up with schoolwork (Yup, this is important)

  • Has stopped sharing with you

  • Has retreated to their room and you have no idea what’s going on with them

  • Does not know how to handle their stress

  • Constantly worries

  • Is overly hard on themselves

  • Complains about having no friends

  • Cries for seemingly no reason

  • Is suffering from isolation

  • Has been bullied and refuses to go to school

  • Harms themselves, or talks about harming themselves


Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction (IBSR) is the method I use in my practice to help clients identify and question the causes of their suffering. Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction is also known as The Work of Byron Katie. IBSR is a way to identify stressful thoughts that we hold as true. Another way of saying this is that when we hold a thought as true, we are attached to the thoughts.

Take for example that someone says to you, “You are a tree!” or “You are a cat!” Does that cause you any stress?

Probably not, …right?

You might be amused or curious about why these things have been said, but since you know for sure that you are not a tree or a cat, the words are harmless and pass right through you.

But if someone says, “You are rude!” or “You are a liar!” Is there an impact? Do you feel an Ouch?